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What is the Power of Pyramid?

The word “ Pyramid ”, can be split in two parts - these are ' pyra ' and ' mid '.
' Pyra ' means fire and ' Mid ' indicates a position in the centre or in the 'middle'. When energy is focused, it gets stronger and its strength doubles or triples. If the strength is increased further, then fire emerges. So, to get the maximum energy from the pyramid, we have to sit in the middle of this fire i.e. pyra + mid. For the focusing energy to be maximum, a pyramid should be aligned towards the true North – South at an angle of 51° 51' 51".
The first person in India to propagate about Pyramid Energy is Shri Jiten Bhat of Baroda. Since then, many people have followed. Anyone can sit in a Pyramid. Pyramidis a very important Scientific Symbol. If we sit outside a Pyramid, while meditating, it takes about thirty minutes to get concentration, but the same can be achieved in five minutes if we sit inside it.

First Pyramid Center for Meditation – Buddha Pyramid, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh :

In the year 1991, with the help of Shri B.V. Reddy, the “ Buddha Pyramid Meditation Centre ” was constructed in Kurnool town. It was the first Pyramid built for meditation with a capacity of 250 people to sit inside and enjoy meditational experiences.

It was observed that the maximum energy inside the Pyramid was concentrated at about one third height from its base. This place is known as the “ Kings Chamber ”. At this point if we build a platform and sleep on it, our 'astral body' will emerge immediately out of the 'physical body'. 
The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement unites people and tries to bring them on this path of meditation. 

Pyramids focus Cosmic Energy:

It is true, that meditation can be done at all places and at all times. However, if we do meditation while sitting in a Pyramid is called as Pyramid Meditation, by which, we will receive more universal energy, i.e. cosmic energy. The Pyramid is like a magnifying lens. Sun rays are everywhere, but if these sun-rays are focused at a point by using a magnifying lens, even a paper kept at this point will burn. If the sun-rays are not focused, the paper remains intact. Similarly, cosmic energy is everywhere. The basic source for this cosmic energy is cosmic consciousness. Cosmic energy is the basis for physical atomic energy. This cosmic energy exists everywhere. The instrument to focus this cosmic energy is the Pyramid.

We can construct a Pyramid and sit inside it or we use a Pyramid cap, or we can hang a Pyramid above our heads. We can even sleep under a Pyramid and get refreshed. It has wonderful energy.
We can keep water inside a Pyramid, for the entire night and drink the energy filled water. Similarly, we can keep fruits under a Pyramid and the fruits will remain afresh for a longer period due to Pyramid energy.
Patriji’s Experiment on Pyramid :
After reading the book “ The Secret Power of Pyramids ” written by Bill Shull and Ed Petit in the year 1982, I asked my carpenter to make two Pyramids. I kept a 'brinjal' (a kind of vegetable) inside one Pyramid and kept one outside. The brinjal kept inside the Pyramid stayed fresh for about thirty days while the outside brinjal got spoiled after two days. Similarly, I used to keep my shaving razor inside a Pyramid. The razor used to last for about a month.

Pyramids can be built with any material:

The Power of Pyramid is widely investigated all over the World, but some have doubts about the material with which a Pyramid can be made. Some wonder if a Pyramid can be made with Iron. Some wonder whether electricity connection can be provided inside a Pyramid. Whether a fan can be fixed in the Pyramid. Or can windows be arranged for the Pyramid? Well, we can build a Pyramid as we like. Please remember only the angle should be proper, i.e. 51° 51' 51". In a normal room the walls are at 90 . If these walls are bent to 51° 51' 51", it will become a Pyramid. Let the material be anything, it is fine. We can place a crystal on the top of the Pyramid (under the roof), to increase its energy. If we go to other worlds by 'astral travel', we can see wonderful Pyramids. There are so many worlds and higher technologies. But, in every world there is Pyramid technology.

Pyramids help in concentrating the Mind:

If we place a Pyramid on a table, our mind gets focused automatically on the Pyramid. That means, mind will not run here and there but gets into the habit of focusing itself. Pyramids centre our mind even from a distance. This new habit minimizes the wandering of the mind and unifies the mind. Hence, we can keep Pyramids anywhere in our house.
We can remove the ill effects carried forward from our previous lives by doing Meditation. The Bhagvad Gita says:
“ api chedasi paapebhyaha sarvebhayaha papa krutthamaha
Sarvam gnana plavenaiva vrujinam santharishyasi  ”
It means “ even if you are more sinful than the most sinful one, yet, all those sins can be washed off, in one raft of Spiritual Knowledge. ” You will not get the knowledge just by reading the Bhagvad Gita. You will experience it all only through Meditation.

If you do not have a Pyramid near you, imagine a Pyramid and visualize you are sitting inside it for meditation. It will be effective.
Pyramid Power is one of the most important concepts to learn from the eighteen guiding principles of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM). 
The prime reason behind the evolution of this Movement is to provide a spirituo-scientific life-style to all the humanity by offering both social and individual upliftment. The core concepts are:
1) Doing Meditation sitting under a Pyramid and
2) Not expecting any benefits for teaching Meditation to other people.
The great teaching from the Gita- “ karmanyeva adhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana ” indicates that one should perform one's duty without expecting any gains.

We are all empowered with infinite energy! We are Gods! We should always keep in mind the great Vedic statement “ aham brahmasmi ” i.e. “ I am God ”. Hence, we are our own God! We are in Pyramid Spiritual Movement to realize that we are a light unto ourselves.. “ appo deepo bhava ”.
- Excerpted from PSSMovement by Brahmarshi Patriji

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SRM University Students @ ‪‎Pyramid‬ Valley

SRM University of Architech, Chennai Students Visit @ Pyramid‬ Valley to Study on Valley Architecture on July 6th 2015, Session taken by Prasad sir.